"Vic (age 35) and I (age 34) have increased energy and feel better overall using the guidance of the Basic Nutrition Program from
Nutritional Solutions.  Also using the Basic Nutrition Program, my son, Dalton (age 3), has been freed from hyperactivity."

- V. P. and L. P. of Fort Myers, Florida

     "I gained relief of menopausal symptoms and had my period
restored to a regular cycle using the principles of the Female
Hormonal Nutrition Program from Nutritional Solutions.  Also, I,  at the age of fifty, had a dramatic increase in my energy level using the Basic Nutrition Program from Nutritional Solutions.

- T. C. of Fort Myers, Florida

     "I had a terrible case of Herpes Simplex and the blisters healed up quickly and completely within three weeks using a Personalized
Skin Nutrition Program."

- J. M. of Asheville, North Carolina

     "I, at the age of seventy, had two instances of congestive heart failure that put me in the hospital.  After coming home from the
hospital after the second episode I started on a Personalized Nutrition Program from Nutritional Solutions that improved my energy and feeling within twenty-four hours.  It has been three years and I have not had a reoccurrence of the congestive heart failure condition.  Within a few short months I was able to return to my lawn care and gardening duties.

- H. C. of Ocala, Florida