Basic Nutrition*
This program gives you all the major nutritional and health guidelines for the client to have substantially improved health.

Anti-Aging Nutrition*
This youth program is achieved with sophisticated nutrients and I recommend other proven therapies such as massage therapy, etc.

Sports Nutrition*
This program gives the client the latest proven nutrients that enables the client to have increased muscle mass, minimum fat, maximum strength and endurance.

Hormonal Nutrition*
This program consists of male hormone nutrition and female hormone nutrition that improves hormonal functions.

Herbal Nutrition*
This program provides preventive action for many male and female ailments, and also in some cases dramatically improves the client.

Mental Nutrition*
This program utilizes some basic nutrients and recent hi-tech nutrients coming out of research.  This program gives the client much added sharpness, alertness and a clearer mind.  In some cases the I.Q. of the user has been increased by 15 points.

Weight Control Nutrition*
The use of the proper balance of natural foods and specific nutrients to control appetite, energize and stop weight increases.

Personalized Nutritional Programs*
The client's health history and needs is considered in the designing of a program that will enable the client to achieve their goals.

* These programs are successful when the client follows the program guidelines closely and consistently.